Have you ever wondered where your next chunk of work comes from? What goes into those user acceptance criteria that tell you what needs to be developed? The business analyst on your team has gathered those specifications and requirements from the product owner so that your team can deliver software to the business that will make their jobs and days easier! The role of the business analyst (BA) is to keep the team in line with the product vision and established timelines. The BA does this by working closely with the product owner, subject matter experts, and support members to understand the business workflow, needs, and challenges. The BA must understand the high-level features and goals of the project and break those down into manageable chunks of work. Documentation of the requirements may include wireframes, process maps, and use cases. The BA’s responsibility is to understand the business’s critical goals and fit those goals into software solutions. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how Agile stories are investigated, created, and refined so the team can build a product that will thrill their business partners.