Open Source Software (OSS) has been part of our industry for decades. It is so ubiquitous that in certain domains it is practically impossible to develop application without using OSS. You probably use OSS every day and often may not even think about it. Taking a more active role in OSS can help you be more productive and can help others do the same. This involvement doesn’t have to mean quitting your day job and spending most of your time contributing OSS software to the community (though you can, and it can be an awesome experience). Your involvement can be minimal or can be the primary focus of your development efforts. Many developers are surprised to learn the ways that they can contribute to making OSS better and not all of them demand a lot of time or effort.

In this session I will discuss a career I have spent dedicated to developing and managing OSS projects. I will address and clarify some misconceptions that folks often have about OSS and will discuss ways that all of us can help OSS continue to be successful and help OSS be a more integral part of our industry.