Product Owner, Team Member, Scrum Master, Facilitator, Coach, Manager? The Work done by managers of agile teams can decide the success or failure of any agile initiative. The benefits of Agile adoption have become apparent even one of the biggest waterfall advocates, the Department of Defense is now requiring the adoption of Agile Development Methods. The day-to-day implementation of these initiatives requires the coordination between program management and the teams actually doing the work. The Management team must learn to co-create value for the customer in order to succeed and thrive in today's Agile world. How can management and technical leaders contribute to the success of an agile project at all phases of Agile adoption? How can years of experience, research, and knowledge of management principles be leveraged to meet the Agile goal of providing more value quickly. This presentation will provide a fact-based presentation on leadership, interpreting the results of multiple leadership surveys over the past 30+ years in a way that promotes Agility and empowers teams. This presentation will also provide examples from the Global Adaptive Planning Collaborative Information Environment (GAP CIE), a project which recently won the Aviation Week Program Excellence Award under the supplier aftermarket category for their Agile, Lean, and DevOps adoption on the project designed to support the U.S. Air Force’s contingency and crisis action planning operations.