This session will introduce developers to the tools and architectures necessary to easily develop powerful API’s built on NodeJS. All API development will be done using TypeScript and an open source framework called NestJS (in addition to some other very handy NPM modules).

Front-end developers interested in learning to create and manage their own back-end with minimal learning curve. The NestJS framework will feel very familiar to any developers currently using Angular and TypeScript for their client-side application development. It provides a server-side experience that is built to mirror the client-side architecture of Angular.

.NET back-end developers looking to broaden their expertise in a new strongly typed framework. The overall development ecosystem is built to allow for a rapid API development process.

Ultimately, any developer who’s curious about full stack development yet feels intimidated by learning multiple frameworks would all benefit from this session. Developers utilizing NestJS can leverage the same IDE they utilize for client-side development.

For this talk we will demonstrate how API’s are built on this platform and discuss tooling, development processes, deployment options/best practices, and then leave attendees with a large number of resources to leverage.

We will discuss:

• Project Setup and Tools • Swagger/OpenAPI • Security • Validation • Optimization/Caching • Performance • Deployment • Testing

All development will be demonstrated using JetBrain’s WebStorm IDE and, for purposes of demonstration, we will utilize MongoDB as a data store and Redis Cache.