We want more diversity and more inclusion, but where do we start? Our efforts to meet quantitative diversity goals sometimes cause us to miss out on the qualitative value of diversity. There is a marked disconnect when trying to reach and engage those who differ from us in race, gender, religion, age, ability, etc. I believe this disconnect happens because we struggle to find genuine planes of engagement. It is not enough to hire or reach out to someone just because of how they fit in the demographic scheme of things. Tokenism is not the answer. People are different. People are the same. We are as wildly distinct and alike as a random assortment of beautiful beads! People need to feel truly included and valued as individuals. If there is no effort to engage on relatable levels and have genuine discussions about things we have in common, we will not be able to hold on to these very valuable people. This is NOT a lecture. Be prepared to be your authentic self and shuffle around a bit! In this interactive session, we will have meaningful conversations as we construct unique bracelets using the beads you select to explore a different perspective on diversity & inclusion.