The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest technologies going right now, and the demand for Internet connected devices is only going to keep growing. Everything from home appliances to industrial warehouse sensors are getting connected to the Internet to leverage the power of the cloud. There will be great opportunity for those developers who understand how IoT can help industry move to this new frontier. So how does a .NET developer leverage their experience to build powerful, secure, and robust IoT devices? Using .NET Core of course! While there are many options when it comes to building an IoT device, we are going to cover how to use an inexpensive off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi. We will look at how to setup and configure our Pi, how to write an application, how to deploy to the device, how to access the cloud, and even how to interact with the real world through the general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins. Come see how to put your Pi in the sky (cloud)!