There are many GIT solutions available, but for Microsoft developers, the top two choices are Azure DevOps and GitHub. Both Azure DevOps and GitHub have the ability to set up CI and CD to ensure that your solutions build and deploy correctly.

According to Donovan Brown's well-established definition, DevOps itself is the idea that one team does all the things - unifying the people, the processes, and the products. In this talk, we'll look at how you can empower your team to leverage DevOps in your day-to-day solutions.

We'll start by setting up a new Web App for each environment at Azure, then right-click and publish from our developer app. We'll then walk through setting up the app to have pipelines at Azure DevOps that build and deploy the solution into our Azure Web App.

We'll look at the differences between ADO and GHA, and how you can leverage your flavor of choice to integrate with your Azure account, either via a service connection (ADO) or a publish profile (GHA). We'll also look at things like using Secrets and configuration to ensure that everything works the way we would expect when the pipeline completes. Of course, by nature we'll be looking at some YAML throughout the talk.

Along the way, we will also talk briefly about the ideas of Rugged and Secure DevOps, but those topics in-depth are worthy of their own talk, and are outside of the scope of this talk.

Additionally, this talk does NOT leverage containers, but is using traditional .Net deployment approaches to hosting and delivering highly available solutions.